1. Objectives: The International Festival of Cine Madrid-El Ojo Cojo addresses shorts, feature films, fictions, documentaries and cartoons from all over the world in order to promote cultural and social integration of the emarginated groups within our society and to spread out movies of high quality that usually don’t easily reach the Spanish audience. The goal of the El Ojo Cojo International Film Festival is to make people know about and enjoy different aesthetical approaches coming from different cultures so to fight against prejudices and to develop sensitivity towards diversity. El Ojo Cojofilm Festival is conceived as a relevant space where it is possible to exchange ideas and to collaborate in projects for the enhancement of social and cultural integration.
2. Organization: El Ojo Cojo is an NGO dedicated to social and cultural integration. El Ojo Cojo is member of the Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity of UNESCO and is the promoter of the Festival. This is an independent Film Festival with final awards from an official jury.
3. Sections:
Official Section of competitive features films
Official Section of competitive shorts
Monographic sections In which films of recognized high technical quality and of social relevance will be screened. Moreover, movies of particular esthetic relevance or focusing on a specific and original reality can be part of this section. The movies will be grouped according to the criteria adopted by the direction of the El Ojo Cojo Film Festival.
The movies of the competitive sections should have been completed starting from January the 1st 2006. Movies’ previous participation in other Film Festivals is not an obstacle to participation.  
4. Applications: Applications can be sent both for the movies that El Ojo Cojo directly invited to participate and for movies proposed by international and professional organizations, television channels, associations or by the same directors or authors and independent producers. The application deadline is August the 1st 2006. By this date participants are expected to have sent us back by fax or mail the application form with the original signature of the producer or of whom is the owner of the exhibition rights for the movie to be screened here in Europe. Applicants can find the application form in our website or can asked for it at The signature on the application form is an official statement and means that the applicant knows and accept this instruction sheet.
Together with the application form (filled and signed by the director and by whom has the rights of the movie), is compulsory for the applicants to send us a copy of the movie in DVD multimode with Spanish subtitle.
5. Translations: We would appreciate a Spanish version of the movie or at least subtitled in Spanish. If this is not possible applicants should send the movie in English version or with English subtitles, attaching the written version of the script  on a CD.
6. Exhibitions: Once the movie will be selected, it cannot be withdrawal from the Festival. The exhibitions of the movies selected will take place in Madrid, and after that around Spain in cultural centers.
7. Transportation : Once the movie is selected to participate in the Festival, 3 copies of it must be sent to us by July 15 2007 at:                           
Festival Internacional de Cine El ojo cojo  c/Salitre Bajo A
28012- Madrid
The sender must inform by email El Ojo Cojo at, specifying the flight company and number and the date of the transportation. The transportation fees are on the applicants and must be prepaid. For 35mm films senders must specify that the copy has no commercial value and a maximum

value of  15 US $ for duty taxation.
DVD will be not given back.
8. Information and advertising material – Information and advertising material about the movie and the director should be sent to El Ojo Cojo before September the 1st. We would appreciate to receive press clips, posters, pictures of the authors and synopsis on a DVD multimode. In this way we can give the most information to the international and local press and to the European audience.
9. Invitations: The Festival will do the most to spread out and advertise the movies and to make for them easy to participate in the competitive section.
 10. Seminaries: The Festival will organize seminaries where it will be possible to have debates about different approaches, experiences and techniques in film works dealing with social and cultural integration.
11. Selection: Selection will be done by professionals chosen by El Ojo Cojo Film Festival direction.

12. Awards:
“Guiño” Award- Best feature film..................................€ 1.500
“Guiño” Award-Best short.............................................. €  500


“Guiño” from the audience as a Diploma  
There could be also special Awards Guiños especiales” as diplomas for particular movies that the jury consider deserving to be mentioned.
The movie producers winning an award commit in mentioning it in every advertising and press material, respecting the exact verdict of the official jury.
Evaluation criteria:
                                                               - Reality of the story
                                                               - Social importance of the topic
                                                               - Originality of the approach
                                                               - Direction quality
                                                               - Environment in which the movie was made and difficulties
                                                               - Obstacles faced during the making of the movie
                                                               - Script quality
                                                               - Artistic quality
                                                               - Technical quality

13. General statement: The participation agreement means for the person responsible for the movie to accept rules and conditions stated in this instruction sheet. For any different case that might occur decisions will be taken by the Festival direction.

14. The Festival direction in agreement with the place available for projections will decide the order and the date for the movies to be screened.
Participants are expected to fully accept these rules.

15.  This festival does not receive inscription

16. Every communication and package must be sent to:

Festival Internacional de Cine El ojo cojo
Coordinadora Gral. c/Salitre 60 Bajo A
28012- Madrid Tel/fax 0034 913650784


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