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Attention to the Frauds!!!!!!

Looking for in the web, found abbiam a computer software that interested us: SUPER VIDEO JOINER
We have tried him/it and considering that soddisfava, has bought there it with credit card,
then with good money cash - 27 Euro - from the society: www.witcobber.com.

In their display of tracking, the window that appears is this:
Truffa Ho pagato ma il software NON FUNZIONA !!!
it seems all easy and simple.... BUT IS NOT' SO EASY!'

They have arrived to me the emails of confirmation of my payment, BUT
the email with the User name and the Registration queues have Never Arrived!!!!

I have stormed them of email to all you address him of the society that I have found. ....
Support@witcobber.com .

but a game of rimpiattino was born among 2 societies, in fact I has also received email from
what it signalled me besides that I would have had to wait for 36 working hours,
before having the data to be able to use my sofware:

Status of Your Order: Authorized
Order Number: 10132005-67184-135
Product Name: Super Video Joiner
Quantity: 1
Total: € 27.00
Order Date and Time: October 13, 2005, 9:50 AM Est (-5 hourses GMT)
Delivery Time: 36 Hourses (from the time shown above)
Currently, the status of your order is Authorized. What this means is:
  • Your order has been successfully processed
  • Your credit card has been charged by RegSoft.com
  • To confirmation email was sent to renato@ilcorto.it on October 13, 2005 at 9:54 AM Est
  • To copy of that email has been sent to the vendor to inform him that your order was processed.
  • To copy of your receipt is available here .

  • If you have product questions, or need help installing or registering the product, please contact the vendor directly at support@witcobber.com

    The days passed, I have continued to send about ten email a day. ....
    their answers were evasive, they gave the guilt of the delay the one to the other society.

    After two days you/he/she has arrived to me an email that said:

    When you purchased Super Video Joiner, you opted for Registration Insurance. For this reason, we macaws able to provide you with the registration queues for your purchase. Your registration queues is:

    We hope this information has been helpful. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.
    Alex A
    {Please leave original mail in place when replying}
    RegSoft.com, Inc. And-Commerce Solutions,
    To service of Digital River, Inc.
    Fax - 800-886-6030

    -------------------------------->>>> to notice that don't have sent some Code of tracking!!!
    the space has been empty.... also after my about ten further applications and prompt!!!!!!!

    After a week you/he/she has arrived to me the following email:

    From: "Li.zhijian" < support@witcobber.com >
    Sprite: King: Order 10132005-67184-135 - Super Video Joiner
    Envoy: Wed, 19 Oct 2005 01:52:25 +0800
    Firstly thank you for you to register our computer software & you like it.
    1.Pls download the new edition for Super Video Joiner. http://www.witcobber.com/download.htm
    2.Install Super Video Joiner and run it.
    3.Please Quit Super Video Joiner, replace the videojoiner.exe file in the installing path of Super Video Joiner (like:c: / program files / Super Video Joiner/videojoiner.exe) with the attached ini file and run Super Video Joiner again.
    If still have any question, pls contact me asap.
    Witcobber, Inc.
    videojoiner.exe (366.3 KB)

    it seemed all to place, the computer software it worked....
    BUT after a few days has stopped working giving this bug:
    Ho pagato ma il software NON FUNZIONA !

    I have paid... but the computer software doesn't Work!!!!!!!

    This is a Fraud !!!!!!

    What must I do??? I have spent only 27 Euro, but as I had already written to both the societies,
    I have prepared this document to make to know to everybody
    as they work Badly these 2 societies. .......