The technique, as to use it


In this section of base it will be learned to choose the videocamera, to know the differences among the various types of cars (digital, analogical, tall definition,...), to handle the television camera, to decide and to choose the shots in base to the restarts to effect, what sonorous column to use and everything that that will be necessary to get good restarts and an excellent climbed on.
We begin to also speak of the Language of the Restart taking as component sprites of discussion as: Subjective and Objective; the Midrange field; the Plain sequence; et cetera, plain pian we will add others of it. Beside you will find them listed everybody.

The director Jean Renoir, has said:
"All the technical progress discourage me.
The perfection of the photo, the greatest screens, the sonorous one to high fidelity, all this allows the mediocrities to slavishly dub the nature: and this reproduction annoys me.
To me it interests as an artist he/she knows how to interpret the lifetime. The personality of the director is for me more main point than the ability to copy well a sprite

The introduction of the digital technologies is changing, rather you/he/she has already changed the way to think about the cinema and, above all, of as to make the cinema.
We must understand and to accept this "revolution" that you/he/she is modifying both the theoretical concepts and practical of the cinema and above all to live them and to use them... The cinema, in his/her various expressive forms, from the short one to the television, it is a vision of our lifetime, rather one representation of his and really for this we must already love the cinema both that turn that his future evolution.

We have happily discovered the computer software MAGIX that costs very little and it works well, if we are not professionals or it serves us a simple assemblage... Interesting also the computer software to easily enough create some music that ours short accompanies. Without owing him to worry about the right Siaes...

If want to try a free professional computer software, the AVID makes you his/her Avid available DV with a good tutorial of high-speed learning (... but in English language!). Info in our page, here.

If you want, you try to follow the visual guide of Pinnacle Studio 8, here.
Soon you will find guides and suggestions on the use of Pinnacle Studio 9.

Do we want to begin to use together a computer software of professional assemblage as that of Adobe Première For? follow us, so will learn together methods of job and interesting makeups! (for end summer the course will be aborted).

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